fuck nuggets! mason murray • mike munroe • marketing analyst • january 21 + 27 • aquariusthe achieverESTP-Amaui • perpetual bachelor
mason murray has lived a relatively charmed existence. ever since he was a small boy his parents have provided him with whatever they felt was the best for him at the time. this meant anything from his first hermit crab (which he hated) to to his first summer at space came (which he also hated.) like most parents, they always wanted what was best for him and made sure it was provided.

he was a very happy, very bouncy little kid all the way from infancy until he was about 23. having been brought up on the big island, he was always immersed in local culture and history, and his dad made sure he was always learning something whenever they went somewhere together. even on their weekend morning surf trips, they would stop at memorials, or at tripler to see his fathers co-workers and it would turn into a pop-quiz session with a tiny mason. this went on for a surprisingly long time and even continues now that mason is well into his late twenties. occasionally his dad calls him up just to 'squeeze some lemon juice on that brain and keep it bright,' as he would say.

his relationship with his parents has always been healthy. since mason was an only child, he was also spoiled rotten. his parents were always utterly devoted to him and it was no secret that he was especially a mama's boy. this turned out to be overall detrimental as mason got older and became more rebellious. because he was the only child and because he had his parents wrapped around his finger, they rarely believed when he was in trouble for any reason. after the third time they got called into his elementary school, they began to crack down. he was smart for his age and was constantly finding new and clever ways to get both in and out of trouble. this led to many-a broken bone, broken rule, and as he got older even a broken law or two.

when mason was 12 and his parents divorced, he felt like he was ripped in half. even though his mom was who he was closest to, he certainly didn't love his father any less, so when they left the main island to live in maui with his mother, he felt like a part of him had stayed in honolulu. he visted as often as he could, even found ways to cut school and make excuses to go surfing with his dad when he needed to be doing anything else. since mason was an exemplary student, his mother wouldn't allow this to go on for too long, so eventually mason was only allowed to visit on weekends and during holidays, but his dad was allowed to visit whenever he had time. this created a lengthy streak of childish outbursts which he got over quickly.

while it would be fitting to say the rest of his life had been smooth sailing, it had been anything but. his parents were still intent on him finding immediate success in life and wouldn't let him waste away his education. it worked out fine for him, because while he was indeed a very studious and competative person the older he got, he was also fairly sociable and would find any way to turn a simple sat tutoring session into a rowdy game of truth or dare with other students if they weren't careful. as a child, he had always been obsessed with the idea of becoming alan grant or indiana jones, and even at the age of 17 he still thought he had a chance, but he knew he wouldn't get there by sheer luck. he had smartly double-enrolled in community college his senior year and took classes during his free periods at school. this looked even better on his college application than the list of extra curriculars had.

all things considered, he had it pretty easy.

because he was such a social person, mason could always be found with a group of people. and more often than not, he had a new flavor of the week girlfriend at his side too. once he found out that the women he thought were attractive also found him attractive, he used it to his advantage. it left him with a questionable reputation, sure, but his charming demeanor and over-confident swagger could sway anyone's opinion of him. plus, he was student body class president and prom king, finding the right first lady and prom queen was only part of the job.

after school, he immediately enrolled in the university of hawai'i maui even though his dad had wanted him to come visit back on the big island. he had, for a while, but he was preparing for his first year at school and couldn't stay long. halfway through his first sememester, mason decided to take a break from school and spent the rest of that year at his dads back in honolulu where he worked at the hawaiian crown pineapple farm part time. unsurprisingly, it was a humbling experience but what was even more unsurprising was that mason did not last there very long. it still got him through the rest of that school year and he eventually went back to maui to prepare for the semester he missed. now that his head was back on his shoulders, he felt like he could focus again. after the rigorous final two years of high school, he was ready to take a break and shouldn't have jumped into school so quickly despite knowing that it wasn't going anywhere without him.

college wasn't actually that exciting. definitely not all that it was cracked up to be.

after college, his tight-knit group of friends had all pooled their resources together to book a tri to a ski lodge up north. it was supposed to be nothing but drinking, partying and maybe occasionally skiing, but it was anything but fun. the first night, the entire group of kids got nearly black out wasted. a mutual friend in the group had the bright, shining idea to hit one of the higher peaks at night and sneaked away when no one was paying close attention. with a bottle in one hand and his wits completely out the window, he called the group to watch him. the first bump on the track that he hit sent him flying and when he hit the ground, he broke his back. by the time he reach the bottom of the peak, he was dead. no one knew it would be the last time they saw him, and no one foresaw that particular incident happening. mason especially blamed himself for not trying to talk him out of it and laughing it off as if he wasn't going to do it at all. in the end, it was no one's fault in particular, but it wasn't any less tragic.

after that, everything was different. if he thought working at a pineapple farm was humbling, losing a close friend like that was downright sobering. there was an honest change in his demeanor for a while, which was noticable to almost everyone that knew him well. he was quieter and slightly more reserved. as an outcome of the tragic loss of his friend, he began having fairly regular existential breakdowns which eventually led to him having to seek therapy for a while. his anxiety over the ordeal had blossomed into a beast and the smallest things could set him off on these downward spiraling existential crises. it took him longer than he was willing to admit the shake the fear of death after that. even now he still feels it, but has come to find his own ways of combatting the stress that comes with it.

as james dean ones said, "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today." mason now recites this to himself daily.

mike munroe
Described in-game as intelligent, driven and persuasive, Mike is known among the survivors for being promiscuous, and "loves women" despite his hatred of commitment.

According to a hallucination of Dr. Hill, Mike has a fear of isolation despite being on his own more than any other character in the game. However, this could just be a misrepresentation of Mike from the patient's perspective. It should be noted Mike may have a fear of misfortune towards his friends or them turning against him or each other. This is supported by the fact he fears the idea of Emily becoming a Wendigo, considers Chris unreliable after Chris knocks out Josh, expresses disbelief at the idea of Hannah cannibalizing Beth, and is also shown to exhibit a slight martyr complex, declaring that he will keep his friends safe and will risk himself to go to the Wendigos' lair alone.

Mike initially comes across as being self-absorbed, somewhat vain, immature and an all round stereotypical 'jock'. However, over the events of the game he emerges as a brave and resourceful young man, putting his own life at risk to help his friends and trying to ensure the others' survival.

incentives items (locked) • gun
• machete
• miners coat
• death totem #3
• danger totem #1
• danger totem #2
• danger totem #4
• loss totem #2
• loss totem #4
• guidance totem #3
• guidance totem #4
• fortune totem #1
• fortune totem #2
memories (locked) • memories of mike's childhood
• memories of blackwood mountain
• memories of mystery man clueline
• memories of the twins clueline
• memories of 1952 clueline
places (locked)blackwood pines
   north west mines
parallels • first/last name initials
• similar personalities
• both fear committment
• both share a fear of isolation
• is a bit of a self-absorbed twat

tv tropes
• the ace
    Class president, incredibly cocky, a total chick magnet.

• action survivor
    Mike doesn't have any special skills, but he's brave and adventurous.

• adorkable
    Has moments where his all-together, smug, suave demeanor can slip to this effect.

• the atoner
    Mike can either be regretful or unapologetic.

• better to die than be killed

• big man on campus

• broken ace

tv tropes
see the rest of mike's tropes listed here
• graduated from the university of hawai'i with a bachelors in applied business and information technology.
• was an honor student all the way through middle and high school and graduated with top honors.
• turned down a partial football scholarship because he didn't really like the game that much and was only playing to make his college application look nice.
• grew up in honolulu due to his father being stationed there during and after the vietnam war, and worked at tripler. mason's family split up when he was 12(?) because his parents got divorced.
• was obsessed with the idea of becoming dr. alan grant, han solo or indiana jones most of his childhood. this got him made fun of a lot.
• has always been very outgoing and easy to get along with. since he grew up in a family who believed in human interaction more than anything else, he adopted a lot of the outgoing mannerisms his parents had displayed when he was a child. this has helped him a lot growing up, especially as he got older. it enabled him to feel at ease in front of large classes or large crowds, immerse himself in social situations with minor awkwardness, and flirt with the opposite sex.
• mason has had more girlfriends than showers.
• while he has great public manners, at home is another story. his mother constantly got on his case and often asked him if he was raised by wolves due to his piggish and obscene ways.
• loves dogs. would adopt 100.
• he is not ignorantly happy. mason's confident machismo does not make the man a vapid sack of beans. he is smart and well spoken and emotional and often times drops the facade when he's alone or with someone he's known for a long time. he's not fake, but he does have a persona that he upholds the best he can.
• it's the truly little things in life that makes him happy. he gets overjoyed sometimes by things like dinosaur egg oatmeal or batman socks with capes on the calves.
• his favorite time of year is the time between thanksgiving and new years because he loves to eat exorbitant amounts of food. especially home made cookies.
• his dad taught him how to fire a gun and mason takes any chance he can get to go to a shooting range.
• he hates the cold and swears that he'll never be caught dead living up north.
• can be a heavy drinker from time to time. he says it's just liquid courage, but it usually brings him up to tucker max levels of asshole.
• secret pinterest user.
• drives a '94 jeep wrangler
• his ideal job is being president. but he'll settle for vp if he has to. realistically, he would not mind being the ceo of a company with lots of paid vacations in exotic locations.
• he fucking hates pineapples.
• is an avid surfer and will take every opportunity to be in the water. at one point he considered quitting his job to become a surf instructor but was immediately laughed at, so he decided not to. a part of him still considers doing it out of spite.
• gives great advice, if great advice came from pinterest posts with crappy fonts. because his selfishness sometimes outweighs the actual charming parts about mason, when a person asks for advice he's more than likely going to quote something inspirational he saw online than actually give solid, heartfelt advice.
• he may be the writer of his own destiny, but he's also a fucking idiot sometimes.
ESTP personality types always have an impact on their immediate surroundings – the best way to spot them at a party is to look for the whirling eddy of people flitting about them as they move from group to group. Laughing and entertaining with a blunt and earthy humor, ESTP personalities love to be the center of attention. If an audience member is asked to come on stage, ESTPs volunteer – or volunteer a shy friend.

Theory, abstract concepts and plodding discussions about global issues and their implications don’t keep ESTPs interested for long. ESTPs keep their conversation energetic, with a good dose of intelligence, but they like to talk about what is – or better yet, to just go out and do it. ESTPs leap before they look, fixing their mistakes as they go, rather than sitting idle, preparing contingencies and escape clauses.

intelligent, driven, persuasive, popular, brave, resourceful. weaknesses
promiscuous, fears committment, insensitive, impatient, risk-prone, defiant. favorites